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In 30 Videos, our CEO, Daniel ten Brinke explains how to start Business in the UAE, how to set up a Company, becoming Resident, getting a Bank Account and Health Insurance.

With almost 10 Years of Experience and organizing two Investors Congresses per Year, Daniel is one of the most respected Consultants from Europe initiating Business Opportunities in the Arab World.

Now, for the first time, he was willing to share his Experiences online, so that you will avoid many Mistakes which will cost you time, efforts and money.

Follow him on the right Track - just from the Beginning!

Daniel ten Brinke, CEO of the Bridge to Success Group

Daniel ten Brinke 

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The Content of the Course is structured in three Levels. The first Level – Bronze – is the General Introduction, in which Daniel ten Brinke takes the Opportunity to dispel many Myths and Misinformation.

The second Level – Silver – then revolves mainly around the Question of Preparation for the first Trip, in particular setting up your own Company and preparing for the first Meetings with your potential Partners.

The third Level - Gold - is to accompany you in the continuation of the further Discussions - in particular, the focus here is on mutual Communication, which contains many Pitfalls.

The first Level is completely free of charge, while the two further Level are provided for a so-called "commitment fee". Why we charge this fee is explained by Daniel ten Brinke himself in the Video.

If you have further Questions or Remarks - feel invited to use the Free Conference Call (see below) with our CEO. We guaranttee that he will attend the Conference Call personally to discuss with you all Issues about setiing up your Business in the U.A.E.

Stage: Bronze – Introduction


  1. Chapter 1 – General Remarks (1): Welcome to the Online Workshop “Business in the UAE”

  2. Chapter 2 – General Remarks (2): Starting Business in the U.A.E

  3. Chapter 3 – General Remarks (3): Opposing the Rumors about Business in the U.A.E.

  4. Chapter 4 – General Remarks (4): What is a Financial Tourist?

  5. Chapter 5 – Starting Business (1): Wrong Expectations

  6. Chapter 6 – Living in the U.A.E. (1) – How to become a Resident in the U.A.E.

  7. Chapter 7 – Living in the U.A.E. (2) - Getting a Health Insurance

  8. Chapter 8 – Reasons for Failure (1): We need Decision Makers!

  9. Chapter 9 – Reasons for Failure (2): No Liquidity

  10. Chapter 10 – Reasons for Failure (3): No Sellers or Brokers, We need Initiators?



Stage: Silver - First Steps


  1. Chapter 11 – General Remarks (5): Clarifying the Big Myths: Tax Free Business

  2. Chapter 12 – General Remarks (6): Clarifying the Big Myths: No Money Laundering

  3. Chapter 13 – Starting Business (2): Explanation of Company Types

  4. Chapter 14 – Starting Business (3): How to set up a Company

  5. Chapter 15 – Setting up a Free Zone Company (1): General Remarks

  6. Chapter 16 – Setting up a Free Zone Company (2): FZE or LLC?

  7. Chapter 17 – Starting Negotiations (1): Caution with Presents

  8. Chapter 18 – Starting Negotiations (2): Preparing the Fact Sheet

  9. Chapter 19 – Starting Negotiations (3): No concrete Investment Scenario!

  10. Chapter 20 – Starting Negotiations (4): Start with the right First Impression!



Stage: Gold - Advanced


  1. Chapter 21 – Definitions (1): What is Sharia Banking?

  2. Chapter 22 – Definitions (2): What is a Sheikh?

  3. Chapter 23 – Definitions (3): What is a local Sponsor?

  4. Chapter 24 – Definitions (4): Why do we need a Sponsorship Agreement?

  5. Chapter 25 – Communication with Arab Partners (1): General Remarks

  6. Chapter 26 – Communication with Arab Partners (2): Composing Emails

  7. Chapter 27 – Communication with Arab Partners (3): FOLLOW UP is Key to Success!

  8. Chapter 28 – Communication with Arab Partners (4): Different Working Structures

  9. Chapter 29 – Starting Business (4): Setting up Investment Funds

Use the Opportunity of
a free and non-binding Conference Call!

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Whether you are looking for Corporate or Project Financing Solution, or if you want to expand the markets for your products to Asia, the EU, USA or the Arab world, or establish a foreign company and take the advantages of a residence in Dubai. Feel invited to a non-binding Consultation. We are looking forward to the common Online Meeting!

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