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The Dubai Trading Challenge

Dubai Trading Challenge - Results Week 3

As the leading and most experienced Business Consultants in the UAE, we are proud to provide you with special designed Services to get your Business boosted here.

UAE - Your Chance for the best Trading Setup!

The Trading Setup in the UAE is much better than within the EU. The EU prohibits many Settings that are possible in the UAE, as the EU considers its Citizens to be immature Children.

Therefore, as an additional Complement to Company Formation and Visa Support, we also offer the Option to inform you about this and to join us in our lucrative Hobby. We help you getting started right from the Beginning. Learn our Forex Trading Strategies and find out what makes it so special!

DTC - What is the Dubai Trading Challenge?

Background Info: We trade in the Emirates - privately, that means for our own account and only with our own money. But we trade with our Company Accounts.

Thus, the Trading Profits in the Emirates are 100% TAX-FREE!

We have presented our system and the structure behind it at the "World of Trading" Congress in Frankfurt on September 26, 2023. The feedback has completely overwhelmed us!

So, we decided: Let us implement a permanent Challenge!

DTC - Our daily Dubai Trading Blog

There were two Major Questions at the Convention:

1. Do you have a Proof of Concept?

Yes, we do - more than enough (see below). But people believe few pictures. People like to see the development every day. We understand that and we want to take that into account and let you participate in our trades in the next 6 months.

2. If I invest the costs for a company set up, visa, bank account etc., when can I expect them to receive them back?

This is the most exciting question. And we want to show that a Daily Profit between 2 - 5% PER DAY is possible in the Emirates within two hours (i.e. part-time) per day. With an own initial Investment of only 300.00 USD you should have recovered the costs (for two complete years in the UAE) again by trading after ONLY FOUR TO SIX MONTHS. TAX FREE IN DUBAI!

So, we will post every day here on the site in the picture gallery our daily return and the best trade of the day transparent. You can follow us now, as our account (hopefully) increases daily. 

We have already posted the first day. The rest will follow in the following days, weeks and months. We are available every day for questions. And if anyone needs an exact introduction, feel free to sign up in the form below. Our first call is of course free of charge and absolutely without obligation! 

FOREX - Our Key to Successful Trading

The European Consumer Protection Directives restrict Private Individuals in the EU. Best Example: the FOREX Multiplier!

EU: max. Leverage Factor 30

What does it mean?

Since forex is betting on the correct development of the chart  the amount of the profit depends on how long the chart is  chart runs in the right direction.


So, as you can see on the example chart: Let us say, we have two Traders - one in the EU and one in the UAE. Both start their Trade at the Bottom and both want to achive 5% Profit on this Single Trade. As A EU Trader you must wait (and hope ) that the Trend continues until you receive that result (all the way long to the Top of the Chart). In the UAE - with the Factor 500 - you will get the 16 times quicker!! 

Or in other words: The UAE Trader makes one Trade - EU Trade must make 16 Trades more (with the same small volume) to receive the same 5% Profit!! The EU Trader does not have any Chance!!

A quick Scenario Calculation: We have 10,000.00 USD on our Trade Account and we want to gain a Profit 5% per Day on our complete Capital. We trade in a very conservative and cautious way. This means that we use a maximum of 4% per trade of our capital - that would be 400.00 USD per trade. We get out of the trade with a 5% profit, that is when the trade has reached a profit of 20.00 USD. So, if we want a daily return of 5% on the total capital, we need a profit of 500 USD - thus, 25 won trades in total.

In the UAE this can be done in two hours (part-time job) without any problems during the day. In the EU, however, you need 25 x 16 trades for this, thus 400 single trades!!! You might be able to do that in a month. The UAE trader achieves in one day, what the EU trader needs a whole month for (just for time reasons)! Again, the EU Trader does not have any Chance!!

That is why we were able to achieve the following unbelievable Top Results - and repeated them several times already: A Daily Profit of 35% on the total capital! Highest Single Trade Profit of 240% and plus, incredible 126 won trades in a row - without a single loss! All verifiable in our trading history. No tricks, no fakes! 

Our best Single Trade Result = 240%
Our Average Daily Trading Result = 35%

As you can see, we are completely transparent about our own results. You can also see on the pictures that the trading history, where you can see the last 30 trades, is completely green - that means not a single loss.

Use us as your Gateway to the Emirates:

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