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As one of the leading and most experienced Business Consultants in the UAE, we are proud to provide you with special designed Services to get your Business boosted here.

First of all, we would like to offer you once again a free and non-binding conference call. Meet our CEO in a call and discuss your specific project or needs.

Feel invited to a free and

non-binding Conference Call!

UAE - Your Chance for the best Trading Setup!

But we do not only want to get in touch with you online. The personal Exchange is very important to us. That is why we would like to get to know you at our face-to-face meetings. On the one hand, there is of course our two Investors Congresses, which on the first day always include a series of Seminars on the Topic of "Doing Business in the UAE" and where you have the Opportunity to talk directly and personally to the local Experts on the Topic of setting up a Business, Health Insurance or Taxes etc.

We would also like to invite you to our professional Seminars - see below.

The Trading Setup in the UAE is much better than within the EU. The EU prohibits many Settings that are possible in the UAE, as the EU considers its Citizens to be immature Children.

Therefore, as an additional Complement to Company Formation and Visa Support, we also offer the Option to inform you about this and to join us in our lucrative Hobby. We help you getting started right from the Beginning. Learn our Forex Trading Strategies and find out what makes that Hobby so special!

Despite the fact that we do trading only as a hobby or for personal gain and it is not an original part of UAE Business Academy's business, we have been asked by many people to share our strategy with others as the results have been so incredible:

Our outstanding Records: 128 Trades won in a row! Our best Single Trade Result : 240% ! Average Daily Return: 35% !

Our best Single Trade Result = 240%
Our Average Daily Trading Result = 35%

As you can see, we are completely transparent about our own results. You can also see on the pictures that the trading history, where you can see the last 30 trades, is completely green - that means not a single loss.

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