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Welcome to our Dubai Trading Challenge Blog!

In this blog, we want to make clear to you transparently what we achieve for our own results in the UAE in terms of Forex trading!

Do not be blinded - with us there are no promises of happiness and no fakes!

Everything we trade, we do on our own account and with our own money. Get involved with us and you will see that we can repeat the results we have achieved so far, even on the smallest level!

Give us 4 - 6 months and you will see that the costs of your company foundation, visa and bank account opening (for the first two years!) will be amortized.

We trade in the Emirates - privately, that means for our own account and only with our own money. But we trade with our Company Accounts.

Thus, the Trading Profits in the Emirates are 100% TAX-FREE!

The Trading Setup in the UAE is much better than within the EU. The EU prohibits many Settings that are possible in the UAE, as the EU considers its Citizens to be immature Children.

Therefore, as an additional Complement to Company Formation and Visa Support, we also offer the Option to inform you about this and to join us in our lucrative Hobby. We help you getting started right from the Beginning. Learn our Forex Trading Strategies and find out what makes it so special!

That is why we were able to achieve the following unbelievable top results - and repeat them several times: Daily return of 35% on the total capital! Highest single trade profit of 275% and incredible 126 won trades in a row - without a single loss! All verifiable in our trading history. No tricks, no fakes!

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