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We are very proud that we could convince globally recognized Speakers to join our Approach of the Exchange of Excellence!


Here, you find Key Notes of our TOP Speacialists who share their Knowledge with us to provide you with great Business Opportunities and Market Estimates. This will help you to draw the right Investment Decisions in the next years.

If you want to contribute Content to our Website, we would be happy to initiate an Interview with you!

Please feel invited and get in touch with us!

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"New Challenges for Investments in Health Care for the United Arab Emirates" by H.E. Purevsuren Lundeg, Ambassador of Mongolia in Switzerland and Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the World Trade Organization (WTO) of the United Nations. 

"Agility and Collaboration in Regulation of the UAE at the Time of the Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Dr. Suaad Al Jaberi is Molecular Epidemiologist, Microbiologist, Infection Diseases Specialist, International Professional Trainer.

"Invitacare – A Description of a Psychosomatic Concept considering Covid-19" by Dr. Nicolas Krämer, an award-winning Author and Supervisory Board Member of the Invitacare Group, Germany.

"Real-time Application in Blockchain Technology" by Prof. Dr. Farhang Maghdeed, Blockchain Technology Architect, Islamic Finance & Digital Transformation Expert, Innovate the SukukChain Standard, Researcher & Speaker in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Technology & Security Token Offering, University of Portsmouth.

"Reduction methods of the Administrative Cost of Healthcare" by Mr. John T. Bright, CEO - Med Claims Compliance Corporation, USA

"Agility and Collaboration in the Regulation of the UAE at the Time of Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Prof. Dr. Mazin Gadeer, PhD MSc BEng PMP Prosci LSSGB EBAS AGILE, Strategy & Organisational Transformation Advisor | Digital Health and Innovation Principal.

"Blockchain based Legal Transactions and Digital Assets – Cornerstones of a Compliant Digital Farewell to Code is Law!" by Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer LL.M. – Professor of Law, University Luzern, Switzerland

"Lab Challenges in the Beginning of Covid19-Pandemic" by Mr. Stefan Weber, Head of Molecular Biology Section - SKMC

"An Overview on Diagnostic Lab Tools and Values - beside Covid-PCR - in Covid and Psychosomatic Diagnostics and Distinction" by Mr. Jochen Hüter, CEO of the InVitaLab LLC, Germany. 

Daniel ten Brinke, CEO of the Bridge to Success Group, welcomes the Guests to the "EXCHANGE OF EXCELLENCE"- Congress in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on October 1. & 2., 2022.

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Whether you are looking for Corporate or Project Financing Solution, or if you want to expand the markets for your products to Asia, the USA or the Arab world, or even if you want to establish foreign companies and see the advantages of a residence in Dubai. Feel invited to a non-binding Consultation. We are looking forward to the common Online Meeting!

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